Skidgel Club Lambs
Skidgel Club Lambs

War Turtle
Hot Mess x Warm & Fuzzy
Bred by Allen Show Lambs

Hot Mess
Hot Karl x Game Changer

Sire of Fuzzy Mess

War Turtle
War Turtle x Game Changer
2016 Keeper Buck Lamb

War Turtle
Shower Chicken x Pony

Sire of No Regrets
Bronze Medallion Ewe
2014 OYE

Mother of No Regrets

War TurtleWar Turtle

War Turtle
Shower Chicken x Pony (Turtleman's Dam)
Bred by Hindman Show Lambs
Half interest owned with Newton Club Lambs

Shower Chicken
Arms Race x Young Jock

Sire of War Turtle
Owned by Hindman

Maternal Sib to War Turtle
Owned by Allred/Elliott

Maternal Sib to War Turtle

Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky
Shower Chicken x Bonafide
Bred by Middlesworth Club Lambs
Half interest owned with Fischer Club Lambs
Shower Chicken
Arms Race x Young Jock

Sire of Rubber Ducky
Purple 68
Bonafide x LSU

Dam of Rubber Ducky

Hot Karl
Apollo x Game Changer x Addiction
2015 Keeper Buck Lamb
Game Face x Young Jock

Sire of Hot Karl
Reserve Champion
2015 Belt Buckle Bonanza

Hot Karl's Twin Sister





Game Changer x Crip/Dog
Keeper buck lamb from 2014 out of Game Changer. He was the best lamb born in 2014 and
was kept as a back up to Game Changer. He was used sparingly in 2015, but his lambs are good
enough that Game Changer has been sold and he will take his place in 2016. He is the maternal
brother to the champion natural at OYE in 2012 and his mother is a granddaughter to the mother of 397.
He has a bright future!

Turtleman x Pony/Stud Duck
Straight out of Hindmans keeper buck lamb pen in 2013. He was in the pen with Choad and after several
days of phone conversations I was able to buy Uncle Si. I was intrigued by the Turtleman genetics but what
really had me excited was the Pony/Stud Duck mating on the bottom side. That cross would help give me
more stifle and muscle expression and that is exactly what he did in 2015. Unfortunately he broke
his back leg after breeding just one ewe for 2014 lambing and we weren't able to picture him.
He's crippled now but still manages to get around well enough to breed ewes.
We are excited about his wethers and have a really good set of keeper ewe lambs.

Game Changer x Tonic
2013 Keeper Buck Lamb
Maternal Brother to Live Action

Unleaded x Tonic
2012 Keeper Buck Lamb

Unleaded x Smoke
Leased from Clair Club Lambs
Thank you Clair Club Lambs for allowing us to use him as clean up for 2013!

Target x Tonic/Cowboy
2011 Keeper Buck Lamb
Champion Suffolk
2012 Tulsa State Fair

Sired by Game Changer
Reserve Champion Cross
2012 Tulsa State Fair

Sired by Game Changer
Champion Suffolk
2012 Oklahoma State Fair

Sired by Game Changer

Unleaded x Crip
2012 Keeper Buck Lamb
Reserve Ewe
2011 OYE

Dam of Addiction
Reserve Champion
2012 Oklahoma State Fair

Flushmate from 2012
Berry '13 Sire

Flushmate from 2012
2012 IA/SD Jackpots

Flushmate from 2012

Pony x Stud Duck x Stitzlein
Thank you Williams Show Lambs for allowing us to use him as an AI sire!

Bulletproof x Panda (Unleaded x MGM's Dam)
Thank you New Horizon Genetics for allowing us to use him as an AI sire!

Trigger x AOK
Purchased from Brian Johnson
Owned with Shane Wilson

Marcantel 23 x 40 Daughter
Purchased from Wiss, Roberts, & Skipper Wilson
Owned with Amber Cox
Southern Comfort is the FULL BROTHER TO MARCANTEL 43.

Guywire Son
In his first season for us he produced the Reserve
Suffolk at the American Royal and the popular buck,
Crip, that we own on halves with Langemeier.

663 x Tonic
Owned with Langemeier

Crip is out of our legendary Tonic ewe who dammed
Baylor Newcomb's 2007 Oklahome Youth Expo Grand
and Cooper Newcomb's 2007 American Royal Reserve Grand (both pictured below).  Crip embodies why
Skidgel sheep are so tough to beat in the ring,
he is flawless, big racked, impeccable in his loin, with a big square hip and lower leg.  Of course on the profile he is simply captivating.  We expect great things out of this stud.

Marcantel 43 x "40" Daughter
Partial interest sold to Shane Wilson in 2008.

McGolden "50" x Harrell "93"
Our keeper ram from the 1995 lamb crop, Renegade is sired by our McGolden "50", which was a Clint x Jordan
and his dam was a Harrell "93" daughter.  He is a tremendous wether sire that will put a wide top, square hip,
and style into your next show lamb.  Renegade has been sold to Keith and Gene Berry of Iowa.

Gambler x Demon

Renegade x Garvie

Tetanus x Renegade

Whistle x Renegade

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